In Australia we see our fair share of weather extremes. And in Sydney, especially of late, we’ve had extreme weather events that have resulted in storm damage.

10 ways you can protect your home against storm damage

  1. The first thing you need to do to protect your home from storm damage is be prepared – by keeping an eye on the weather (on television, or on radio). Check for severe weather warnings in your local area, usually put out by the Bureau of Meterology.
  2. It’s a safe bet that if Sydney receives a storm, then it will be accompanied by winds. Loose branches and unstable trees can cause untold damage if brought down by strong winds. Keep all trees properly trimmed.
  3. Regularly clean your gutters and down pipes. In torrential rain, they can quickly become blocked, and the water will follow the path of least resistance – usually, back into your roof or down your walls.
  4. Speaking of gutters, keep any drains unblocked so that water can drain freely away from your property.
  5. Similarly, keep up to date with roofing repairs. Cracked tiles or leaking sealant will soon succumb to a heavy downpour.
  6. Speak with an electrician about having a safety switch installed. In the event of an electrical disruption, for example caused by a lightning strike, a safety switch will trip, and prevent damage and possible fires.
  7. Have a professional (engineer, builder etc) to inspect your home’s foundations, as recent weather could have washed away soil underneath.
  8. Minimise all the fancy trimmings surrounding your house, and only keep what you actually need or use regularly; put the rest away. Items such as bistro blinds, trampolines, bikes, toys or loose awnings are nice to have, but in high winds they can end up anywhere, from your neighbours’ yard to your own living room.
  9. Ensure there are no access points for wind, such as windows that do not properly seal, and garage doors. Wind can funnel through these points, and cause the roof to lift. If the roof comes off completely, your home is completely vulnerable to storm damage.
  10. If you park your car in a garage, try to remember to park it against the garage door during strong winds. This will prevent the garage door blowing in, and potentially pulling away from its runners.

That brings us to the end of our list of 10 ways to protect your home from storm damage. Looking for a new home, or a temporary home while yours is under repair? Consider Aspect Estate Agents. Our friendly staff are happy to help you find exactly what you’re after. So why not contact us today on 0420 981 200 to discuss.