Let’s be honest – the rental game can be brutal. Especially in areas of high demand, it may seem as though you need to know someone on the inside and that scoring your dream rental seems less likely than stumbling upon a gold bullion at the beach. But rest assured, there are some sweet and simple tips that can help expedite your rental application approval. Simply changing a few of your habits can make a big difference.

  1. Be vigilant

    Download every real estate app or website you need on your home computer, mobile or tablet. Check a few times a day so you are alerted as soon as a suitable rental is listed in your area. Finding out a day or two late about a new property may be the difference between missing out and being in with a chance.

  2. Get in touch with your local agents and property managers

    This may seem labour intensive but it is worth a shot – anything to help you stand out. Draft yourself a cover letter and make a personal visit to all your local agents, introduce yourself briefly and leave a copy of your cover letter. Detail about yourself and your flatmates (if applicable), what you are looking for and price range, your job situation and general information about you and why you are a perfect tenant. As soon as a property is listed, call the agent to discuss and arrange a time to meet (if prior to the open inspection).

  3. Be organised! Have your documentation ready and in order

    Before you even think about applying for a property, do yourself a huge favour and get multiple copies of all the paperwork you will need to apply. This will include:

    • Application form
    • Photo ID
    • References
    • Pay slips
    • Cover letter

    In the cases where certified copies are needed, have this done beforehand, so you are 100% ready to go.

  4. Apply online quickly

    Where possible, submit your application online as soon as the property becomes available. Time is of the essence so get in early to be considered quickly.

  5. Be courteous

    Agents understand the frustration and stress that can come with the rental search. We understand that – yet be sure to always be courteous and polite to the property managers or agents managing the process. Kindness goes a long way!

  6. Put your best foot forward

    When you show up to the inspection or open homes, be sure to present yourself in the best way possible. That means no bare feet if you have just been to the beach or yesterday’s clothes. Put in some effort in the dress department to show the level of care you take for yourself – and for the home you are to live in.

  7. Follow up

    Just like a job interview, don’t be afraid to thank the agent following your inspection and follow up for good measure. It shows you are courteous and also interested in the property.

By taking on a few pointers, it could be all the difference to getting your application looked at and given the stamp of approval.

Keep up the search and good luck!