Embracing Eco Friendly

There are just as many reasons to embrace sustainable housing as there are ways to make eco friendly homes. A sustainable investment property is one that will not only save you money but have a smaller carbon footprint. It is more friendly to the environment and will leave a healthier global legacy for future generations.

Benefits of an Environmentally Friendly Investment

Solar Panels

If you’ve purchased an existing property to help generate a little more income, then there are things you can do to guarantee a sustainable property. Starting at the top, solar panels can both heat water and produce electricity. Either option will save you money while using less coal power to bring energy and hot showers to your tenants. The prices of solar panels have come right down and you might still be eligible for government incentives.


Insulate your properties’ walls and ceiling to keep the warm air in during winter, and out during summer. This will lessen the need for air conditioning, and your need for higher energy bills year-round. The right insulation will create a comfortable temperature no matter the season. It will also make your air conditioning more efficient when you do have to use it, by keeping the rooms at the desired temperature and not leaching the warm/cool air outside the home.

Be Water Wise

If you have a room that uses water, consider how you can save on water bills and minimise water waste. Ensure your toilets are the latest highly efficient design and fix all leaks as they spring up. Some of the newly-designed bathroomware incorporate a sink over the cistern. This means  the water you’ve used to wash your hands is the same water used to flush the toilet.

Encourage Shower Use over Baths

Encourage showers, or remove the bath tub entirely. They can use up to three times more water than a shower. Use low-flow shower heads to minimise waste, and use aerators on all sink taps to further reduce water usage.

Turn Off at the Switch

All power points can be turned off when not in use to bring down electricity bills. Install energy efficient devices if you plan to furnish your investment property. In the laundry, you can offer cold-water washing machines and energy efficient driers. Have the latest and greatest clotheslines in the yard, with a path to the line to encourage use.

Use LED Lighting

Think about replacing the halogen lighting throughout a property with LED lighting. LED lighting is not only environmentally friendly, but can reduce energy bill costs!

By making a few small adjustments or a couple of inexpensive investments you can create a sustainable property design. It can save you and your tenants money while also being environmentally friendly. For other ways to attract tenants, have a read of what tenants want in a property during 2016.