If you own an investment property, then you’ll know the importance of keeping up-to-date with the maintenance, and safety aspects of your income-generating estate. Unlike your own home, where you could put up with a leaking tap or cracked tile, the property you rent or lease to tenants requires prompt action if there’s an issue. Prevention is better than cure. However, in the case of flood damage, the following prevention tips could save you spending more on what is supposed to be earning you money.

Tips to Prevent Flood Damage

If you plan on building an investment property, begin to protect it from the ground up. Use water-resistant building materials and create a seal so that water can’t get in. Utilise waterproof coatings and membranes. Strengthen the walls and install a drainage system in the foundations to remove any water that could threaten the property’s base. Locating all electrical systems in the house to half a metre above the 100 year flood level will reduce any damage should the property flood. Take measures to prevent sewage backflow. Ensure to maintain and clean all drains regularly. Gardens can be landscaped to direct flood waters away from an area. Build up the land so water naturally runs away from the property. Diligence is required. Regular inspection of any flood damage prevention methods will mean they work as they should if the need arises.

Ensure your Funds Allow for Maintenance

Having the means to protect your property is just as important. If your investment property is in an area prone to flooding, ensure you have access to sandbags and the ability to raise expensive items.  If all else fails and it appears that your investment property is going to suffer from flooding, minimise damage by moving all expensive items (such as electrical equipment and furniture) to a higher level using the items you’ve stored for such an occasion. This also minimises the possibility of a fire.

Floods don’t always arrive in the form of a storm or sudden downpour. Sometimes they can be as a result of a burst water pipe. It is imperative to maintain the condition of pipes and devices using water in the home (such as dishwashers and washing machines). Regularly inspect tree roots to prevent them from penetrating pipes and causing water damage or blocked pipes (which could result in blocked toilets and shower drains).

There are ways you can prevent flood damage to your investment property. Or at least minimise damage should a flood occur. Thinking about purchasing a new investment property? Contact Aspect Estate Agents. We have a large range of properties to choose from and a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’re ready to help you.