There is no doubt as you cruise through the weeks and months of your tenancy, the odd rental repair will crop up. Whether it be a leaking tap, broken front door latch, broken window, fan that stops working or an air con malfunction… the list goes on.

Repairs and Maintenance Policy

Your Property Manager will detail the maintenance and repairs policies and procedures when signing your initial lease. As the tenant, it is your responsibility to report and required maintenance and repair issues direct to your Property Manager. They will in turn advise your landlord of the repairs to tend to. From there, you Property Manager will arrange for the required tradesperson to liaise with you for a time that suits to access the property.

The only time this scenario would not take place is in the case of an emergency repair. In this instance, if the emergency happens outside regular business hours, you as the tenant are able to contact a suitable tradesperson to carry out any emergency works (such as a burst pipe or drain or any other incident that puts you or the property in danger).

How to Ensure A Quick Response to your Repairs and Maintenance Request

When a repair comes up at your property, a quick response is the best response. The more detailed information you can give your Property Manager, the quicker the likely response. Details that will greatly assist your Property Manager to book the right trade to assist include:

  • Taking a picture or video of the issue
  • Detailing the make and model of the product
  • Detailing the noise or what is happening in error.

This way, your Property Manager can put the repair into the pipeline quicker with all the information on hand. Being flexible with entry times also helps as trades can be available at varying times.

Follow these guidelines to a quick and hasty repair!