Preparing your property for tenancy

Preparing your property for tenancy

Some things to add to your tenancy check before your tenant moves in

You’ve had your open for inspection, you have found your dream tenant and it’s nearly time for them to move in. There are a couple of items to check before handing over those keys.

  1. Firstly, make sure your smoke alarm works. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the smoke alarm is working at the commencement of the tenancy. Test the smoke alarm and replace the batteries. If you need more information on placement and maintenance of smoke alarms, go to NSW Fair Trading
  2. Supply the agent with keys for EVERYTHING. You may not have keys to 3 of the main doors and this may not have bothered you however unfortunately we legally must supply tenants with copies of all keys to all locks. If you need a quote to replace the barrels of the locks you can’t find keys for, let us know – we’re happy to obtain these for you.
  3. Clean the property thoroughly. This includes professionally cleaning carpets, cleaning windows, tracks and wills throughout, walls where required and kitchens and bathrooms. For a full detailed list, please go to our “Tenant Vacate Guidelines” under a “Tenants” tab. These are the items we check when tenants leave so we ask that all of these items are attended to.
  4. Ensure all appliances are working. Test each appliance and, if possible supply or download manuals and email to your agent. Run your dishwasher on a eco setting whilst it is empty to clear out the pipes. Clean out the filter at the base. Clean out the air filters in the air conditioned. Replace the filters in the water purifier. Let your agent know so we can ensure these items are completed when the tenant vacates the property.
  5. Ensure the property is safe. All electrical, plumbing and structurals need to be safe. If power points are sparking or you have been able to smell gas from your gas connection, have it repaired before the tenant moves in.

Finally, before you leave the property, look around. See if there is anything that stands out. If it stands out to you, it will stand out to your tenant. A good start to a tenancy is essential for a good working relationship throughout the tenancy.
Should you wish to clarify any of the above points, please call me to discuss on 0420 981 200 or email

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