Keeping Australia Clean… or Not?

If you stop to think about it, would you think Australians are mass-waste producers? For a seemingly clean and beautiful country, would it surprise you that our waste production is up there with the biggest in the world?

ABCs program The War on Waste deems that Aussies are in fact the 5th highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world. We generate a whopping 52 mega tonnes of waste per year. Even more frightening is that our waste is growing at double the rate of our population. For a country who claims to fight to ‘Keep Australia clean’ where does this frightening statistic leave us?

These stats urged us to focus on recycling tips this Christmas season. Because the reality is, it doesn’t matter how big or little space you have. Every effort you make in recycling counts.

  1. Get Organised

    There are enough nifty recycling bin solutions out there to fit the smallest of kitchen spaces. Getting your recycling bins organised to make the process easy is the best step to begin with.

  2. Minimise Single Use Plastics

    The main grocery players across Australia are taking steps to reduce one-use plastic bags. try and do the same at home with single-use plastics such as Gladwrap. Wrap your kids’ lunches in reusable plastic containers or tupperware. Sure it may add to your washing up pile but the reduction in throwaway plastics is huge. If you do use one-use bags from the supermarket, reuse them as your bin liners or nappy bags. Reuse reuse reuse!

  3. Save the Trees

    Channel the Lorax and save the trees. Think before you print. Reuse paper as much as you can. Double side print. Proof on screen only and print only when needed. Put a No Junk Mail sticker on your mailbox.

  4. Be Water Smart

    Always fill the dishwasher and washing machine to full before use. Buy a reusable water bottle as opposed to single-use throwaway water bottles. They are one of the biggest waste perpetrators avoidable and one of the most avoidable.

So this Christmas, give a present back to the environment. Make an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle and help get Australia out of the Waste Top 10.