Styling your home doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With some simple yet effective home styling tips, you can have your home looking like the inside pages of a magazine. All it takes is a little know-how, a little imagination and a splash of colour.

To begin with, it is important to know your home and what look and feel you are going for. Aim to keep the same look throughout the whole home for consistency. Visualise how you’d like your home to look and work with that vision when moving from room to room. Looking at styling your whole home can be a daunting task. So start with one room, or just a part of that room, then move on to the next.

Small steps can make big statements.

Home Styling Tips for the Everyday Decorator

#1: Design in Groups

Group similar items together to create an area of interest. Group vases of varying height in one space, baskets or bowls in another. Together they make a strong styling statement as opposed to being on their own.

#2: Invest in a single, large piece of artwork

When it comes to artwork, size does matter. Opt for one, large, bold statement piece that you love and place it in a highly visible part of your home. With a bold piece, there is no need for other clutter around it as it speaks for itself.

#3: Add Plants

Nothing lifts a room more than greenery. Add in some indoor plants to instantly add colour and life to your space. We have previously discussed our top 5 indoor plants selections in our previous blog. Take a look for some inspiration.

#4: Less is More

Clutter can instantly detract from your living spaces. As convenient as it is to have your kitchen appliances on the benchtop, they can leave your kitchen looking busy and cluttered. If your storage space allows, hide them away and bring out when needed.

#5: Mix it Up!

Mix up your sizes, shapes, patterns and textures of throws and pillows to add an element of dimension to your sofas and lounges. Don’t be afraid to add in a pop of contrasting colour on a signature item.

Remember, as with anything, practice makes perfect. So don’t be shy and give styling your own home a go, and reap the benefits.