Spring is upon us and with it comes the need to dust off those winter blues and breathe some live back into your home. Now if spring cleaning isn’t your thing, then we narrowed it down to the 10 top spring cleaning tasks you can do that will most benefit your home and banish those winter blues away.

Our Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Ditch the woolens

    The cooler nights are a thing of the past to ditch the woolen doonas and blankets and replace with your lighter, summer options.

  2. Replace pillows

    Pillows can harvest a large amount of bacteria and be bad for our health. It is recommended to replace your pillows every 6-12 months for health and hygiene purposes. Plus it will reduce any mustiness around your bed.

  3. Declutter

    If you feel material things are starting to overtake your space, take the opportunity to declutter. Grab a big garbage bag and fill it with items you haven’t used or touched within the last 3 months.

  4. Lighten your tones

    Spring means bright and fresh tones and soft colour palettes. Reach for the soft peach and light blue or green tones to instantly brighten any area. Move away from those darker winter tones that have accentuated the last 3 months.

  5. Take one room at a time

    Clean one room well before you move on to the next. One sparkling, gleaming room will give you the satisfaction and motivation to move on to the next.

  6. Dust first, vacuum second

    There are many times where we have been halfway through a vacuum only to realise we skipped the dusting. Dust first, vacuum and mop second to avoid creating more work.

  7. Brighten rooms with plants

    Bring the outside in! Spring sees the flowers start to bloom and plants prosper. Bring living things inside to instantly brighten and freshen any space.

  8. Reduce the mustiness

    Take out your throws and cushions outside and give them a good dusting. Hang throws over the line to air for a day or two. Give them some fresh air and a chance to rid the mustiness of winter.

  9. Wash curtains or clean venetians

    Breathe some life back into your curtains and drapes for the new season. Ensure to follow washing directions carefully as not to damage curtain fabrics. If you have venetians, dust and wipe off the winter residue for a fresh and clean look for your windows.

  10. Fill your home with Spring scents

    Nothing says Spring more than some sweet floral scents. Whether it is from fresh flowers, candles or essential oils, a beautiful Spring scent will lift the feel of your home.

So that’s our top 10 tips to have your home looking, feeling and smelling like Spring this season.

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