One of the challenges of unit living is incorporating greenery into your living spaces. For those with limited space and the absence of large backyards to work with, bringing in selected indoor plants can have a dramatic uplifting effect. They can bring both a vivid splash of colour and life to key living areas.

The key to choosing the right indoor plants is to ensure you select those that take up minimal space and need minimal sun for survival.

We’ve compiled our favourite top 5 indoor plants to brighten up your indoor spaces.

  1. String of Pearls

    Light: Bright, indirect light
    Watering: Soak completely and allow the topsoil to completely dry before the next water
    We just love the whimsical effect these lovely plants bring. Proper care and watering of these plants will result in lengthy pearl strands in no time.

  2. Peace Lily

    Light: Medium to low
    Watering: When top soil is dry
    The Peace Lily is one of the best flowering indoor plants, growing up to approx. 30cm in height. The delicate white flower complements the striking dark foliage.

  3. Rubber Tree

    Light: Bright, indirect light
    Watering: Only when soil is dry
    The Rubber Tree is another statement plant with the capacity to grow up to 2.5m. Not only visually appealing but also another natural air cleaner, so a winner on all counts.

  4. Jade Plant

    Light: Medium
    Watering: Every few days
    Jade plants are super easy to care for indoor plants that will keep you company for years. Its thick and lush leaves work well with other succulents.

  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Light: Bright, indirect light
    Watering: When top inch of soil is dry
    The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great statement plant for a corner near a window. The dark green leaves mirror the shape of a violin or fiddle – hence its name.

If in doubt, head into your local Bunnings or nursery for some indoor plant hints and tips. Then sit back and let nature shine.