As a landlord, you will be the recipient of no doubt many tenant maintenance issues and repairs over the life of your investment. It is just part and parcel of the job. Homes have issues. Things break. Appliances wear out. Taps leak and fittings come loose. It’s just the name of the game. So for those new to the investment game, we have compiled a list of the top 8 most common tenant maintenance and repair issues so you can prepare yourself for what may be coming.

Your property manager will be the first port of call for all maintenance and repair issues. Dependent upon the arrangements you have in place, they will either call you direct or arrange for the items to be tended to on your behalf. No matter who tends to your maintenance and repair issues, as the landlord, you should always be kept informed of any areas requiring attention on your property.

When Your Tenant Comes A Calling…

  1. Leaking taps

    As simple as it seems, leaking taps are our #1 issue. Good news is it can be as simple as a new washer or replacing old tapware.

  2. Sliding Doors

    The replacement of sliding doors and runners are such a common issue that there are businesses out there who specialise in this one key area. Sliding doors coming off their hinges or requiring new runners are the next on the list. It is more common than you think!

  3. Cracked Tiles

    Cracked tiles is an issue you will want to tend to pretty quickly. As one cracked tile can lead to a whole lot of far worse water problems if neglected. Damp can quickly rise and before you know it, you could have a complete bathroom renovation on your hands. You may need an inspection to assess the water damage with the result being the replacement and waterproofing of only one or a few tiles – or a complete section replacement.

  4. Blocked drains and toilet

    This one is just a whole lot of fun and likely to be handed over to a license plumber to fix. Blocked drains can be as simple as clogged hair in bathroom drains or food in the kitchen drain. Blocked toilets are pretty self-explanatory.

  5. Broken Dishwasher

    If your property has a dishwasher, no doubt you will at some point, receive a maintenance call. You will need to call around to find a dishwasher repairman who specialises in your brand of dishwasher – as no two dishwashers are the same. Detail as much of the problem as possible, take pictures and ensure the repairman you choose, repairs and can get the parts you need.

  6. Pool Maintenance

    Those with pools will no doubt have a pool man on speed dial to call in when needed. Or at least the local pool shop. Green pools, blocked drains, overflow issues, chemical imbalances – take your pick. You can hope for a tenant that is confident to look after the pool and/or learn how. For those that are not into pool maintenance, it will be worth your while to arrange for regular pool maintenance visits to ensure your pool is kept in tip top shape.

  7. Broken Fans and Air Conditioning Units

    Especially pertinent in hot and humid areas when these items can be subject to overuse.

  8. Smoke Detectors

    A common and most important maintenance issue is the replacement of smoke detector units and batteries. Having operating smoke detectors is a required legislative requirement. So make sure you have working detectors in place and action as soon as you are notified of any issues.

Speak with your Property Manager to ensure you are aware of the action plan when your property requires maintenance. Remember, any emergency repairs needed urgent attention may be actioned upon your behalf if the tenant is in danger or if outside of working hours.