For unit owners, with the lack of large backyard spaces, we tend to focus our designing efforts into the interiors of our home. Signature pieces to make a bold statement in a room, unique artwork to bring a room to life and sift furnishing for that personal touch and to really make it feel like home. Sometimes, without our intended meaning, our balcony decor can be left as an afterthought. More likely the recipient of a mere outdoor setting with perhaps some haphazard furnishings.

If this sounds like you, then it is the perfect time of year to change the look and feel of your lack-lustre balcony once and for all.


Spring is here and with the clear skies, warm days and cool nights comes an array of colourful and aromatic plants and flowers at our disposal. For unit owners, with the number of affordable designer takes on outdoor furniture and accessories, it can be easy to head to the shops to find something to fill a void on our balconies. But now, with spring upon us, all we need to do is to look outside and see the wonderful delights on offer for our decorating needs. Nature offers one of the most underrated, yet most affordable and rewarding ways to decorate.

For those who may not be the greenest of thumbs, we have compiled some quick and simple ideas to give you balcony a boost of colour and freshness this Spring. And get ready, because Bunnings is about to become your best friend.

Vertical Wall Gardens

No longer do your balcony walls need to be plain and purely structural. The popularity of vertical green walls continues to rise which means there are an abundance of DIY vertical green wall kits and ideas on the market. Here are some amazing Australian sites with DIY kits and ideas to get you started and give you some vertical garden inspiration:

Potted Plants

Simple yet effective! Choose your favourite plants and source some striking pots to house them in. It can make all the difference! Be sure to choose the right plants based on your outlook. Consider whether your balcony catches more sun or shade. Once again, head to Bunnings or your local nursery.

Herb Planter Boxes

Not only are herb planter boxes a sentimental favourite, they will also add a bang of flavor to your cooking! There is nothing better than the smell of fresh herbs on your balcony or patio. Add that to the ease of simply walking outside to pick your required herb instead of relying on dried varieties or last minute dashes to the shops. Searching for herb planter boxes will bring up a massive array of ideas to get your new little herb garden growing.

If all else fails….

If getting green is just not your thing, Christmas is only five weeks away! So cover that balcony in strings of lights and inflatable Santas to buy you time until next year! You never know, Santa just might leave you a new planter box, soil and herbs this year.