When marketing your property for lease, your photos speak a thousand words. They are the first impression potential tenants have of your property. In those few moments it takes to scan a photograph, multiple decisions are made.

It’s from these photos that potential tenants will decide if they can see themselves living in your property and building a home…

It’s from these photos that potential tenants will decide if the rent asked matches their expectations.

It’s from these photos that potential tenants will decide whether to take the next step and inspect your property…

Your pictures speak for you, and they speak mountains.

Investing the extra time and money to hire a professional to photograph your property will ensure your it is shown in its best light.


  1. They allow for wide angles
    Wide angles create the feeling of space and space is paramount!
  2. They use good lighting
    A professional photographer knows how to make the most of the correct lighting, and have access to the right equipment to ensure the perfect shot. Good lighting can take a room from good to great.
  3. They deliver clear and crisp images
    Professional photos are of a high quality, which will equate to the feeling of a high quality property. Photos are clear and of high resolution. They are generally void of blurring and bad lighting that can be common in photos from your phone.
  4. The images are yours to keep
    Once you’ve had professional photos taken of your property they are yours to keep. Therefore if you decide to lease again or sell down the track, you have high quality, professional images on hand.
  5. They provide handy visual documentation
    Lastly, recent images of your property provide visual documentation of the pre-lease state of your property. This will come in handy should any damage to your property occur within the lease period.

The benefits therefore far outweigh the costs involved of outsourcing your photography to a professional. So do your research and hunt around for the best packages and prices available.

Because the bottom line is, first impressions count. You’ve got one chance to get it right!