One of the main things on the top of your to-do list when preparing your property for lease, or if you are a tenant and moving on from your current property is the big C – Cleaning. The end of lease clean. It’s as inevitable as the end of a good cup of coffee, just not as enjoyable. The question is, do you DIY or enlist the help of professional cleaners?

As a tenant, passing your final cleaning inspection is crucial. Your bond depends on it. Unless your clean lives up to final inspection guidelines, a cut will be taken from your bond. So you need to ensure you get that clean up to where it needs to be.

As a landlord, the cleanliness of your property will attract more quality tenants . It conveys the right message about the condition you expect tenants to maintain your property.

So DIY or Farm it Out?


In order to save some pennies, you may be considering cleaning your property yourself. A word of warning. A final inspection or for lease clean is a lot bigger than your average weekly clean. There are all sorts of corners, fittings and appliances you never thought even existed. Until now.

Be prepared to designate a few days to the final cleaning process. Gather a team of mighty helpers around you to make light work.

For those who do wish to dive in to the complete clean themselves, we have compiled this list of FINAL INSPECTION GUIDELINES to ensure your property is in tiptop shape for leasing or for final inspection.


For those who are happy to admit the fact that the final inspection clean is better handed over to the professionals – booyah! We agree! From walls to skirtings to light covers and rangehoods – it’s a mammoth task that you may not expect until you are elbow deep in grime.

Enlisting professional cleaners for your final inspection or preparation for lease means that you can rest assured your clean will be up to par. Do your research and hunt for the best, most well recommended cleaners in your area. Be prepared to pay a little more than the average house clean, as a lease clean goes far and beyond your standard clean (Just check out our list).

Whichever way you decide to go, leaving your property in great condition or preparing it to the best it can be for your tenants is part of the whole rental process.

Get it right from the start to ensure no future cleaning headaches!