Your hip pocket can definitely take a hit at this time of year. From Christmas parties to presents to decorating and entertaining, it can seem as though more and more is heading out of your wallet than heading in.

Thankfully, with the abundance of Christmas blogs, magazines, junk mail and shops adorned with every type of Christmas decoration or entertaining essential, you can never be short of ideas, or inspiration.

We’ve found the answer and it all belongs to one neat and tidy little magazine. The Coles Christmas edition magazine. If you are yet to stumble across it at the end of the shopping aisle, it is pure brilliance! They have everything covered from gift ideas, to a complete Christmas menu to baking delights for presents or school parties for the kids.

Here’s our favourites:

Baking for the kids – Melting Snowmen


These little guys are not only gorgeous but would taste a treat! A really novel little idea for kids at school for class parties or wrapped in cellophane for hand-baked presents.

Treats/gifts for the adults – Handmade chocolate bars

These have got to be one of the most thoughtful gifts in here. Finding your family/friend’s favourite filling and make their very own signature chocolate bar. Yes please.


Drinks on Christmas Day

Yay for the Coles Mag for including some delicious, heat-busting cocktails for the adults on Christmas Day, with alcohol-free alternatives so the kids and non-drinking adults can join in.


The Main Fare

We’ve tried and tested this Mango glazed sticky ham at a pre-Christmas Party and it was to die for. Enough said.


The Sides

Salad has never looked this good! Personally we’ve never heard of Festive Fattoush but this Christmas we are giving it a go. Just look at these colours!



The traditional Australian dessert just cannot be overlooked – especially when it is pretty enough to have as your centerpiece. This pavlova is a must!


Everyone involved in the Christmas edition of the Coles Christmas issue can take a bow as it is the best yet. If you haven’t done so, get out and grab yourself a copy and start planning your Christmas Day!