There is nothing like spotting a big patch of spreading mould on your bathroom ceiling when you are relaxing in a nice, well deserved warm bath at the end of a hard working week. Or the terrible realisation that mould is spreading through your wardrobe quicker than you can say end of season sale.


Mould loves warm and damp places, particularly in areas where the relative humidity is 80% or higher. It needs (and thrives) on moisture – most commonly found from condensation. Put these two things together and you have yourself the best recipe for mould on the street. Pity it’s the one thing you don’t want others seeking the recipe for.

Thankfully, it takes just a few simple steps to ensure mould doesn’t take hold in the first place or to stop it in its tracks. With the summer months halfway through and the cooler and darker months on their way, thinking about the health of your home is a good proactive practice to prevent future mould outbreaks.



So we’ve established that mould doesn’t like warm and damp places, so let’s discuss what you can do to prevent these perfect places for mould to settle in.

  1. Let in as much sunlight as possible

    Letting sun in allows spaces to dry out and prevent moisture rich areas.

  2. Keep good airflow

    Open those windows! Let as much fresh air as possible into your home to ensure adequate ventilation.

  3. Don’t store away wet belongings

    Ensure any clothes you are hanging in your wardrobe are completely dry before you put them away. Any dampness will encourage those mould spores to grow and grow and grow. This becomes tricky as the cooler months kick in with less sunshine to dry clothes so be aware of this crucial point. Same goes for footwear – if you’ve got wet shoes, keep them outside in the sun until completely dry before storing away. Your wet clothes and shoes attract the green furry mould we’ve all seen before as opposed to the sooty mould you find in bathrooms and ceilings.

  4. Keep condensation at bay

    Wipe down wet areas especially anywhere condensation appears such as heaters and bathroom areas. Turn on your fans in your bathrooms when taking a shower or bath to ensure good ventilation throughout the room.

  5. Being vigilant about keeping your home dry and free of damp will ensure you survive another mould-free year.