Renting with pets doesn’t need to be impossible!

For pet owners, finding a rental property that accepts pets can be a nightmare. Unfortunately, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole bunch. All one landlord needs is a single irresponsible pet owner as a tenant to put them off for life. But it needn’t be the case.

Put your best paw forward

When it comes to renting with pets, it’s all about being smart and upfront. Honesty is the best policy. Show your prospective landlord that you are a responsible pet owner.  Be as upfront with your pet’s details as you would your own. The more information, the better. Your landlord will be comfortable in knowing everything about you and your pet as opposed to finding things out the hard way.

Be Creative

We recently received this highly adorable and highly commendable ‘Pet Resume’ for Doug the Pug. And can we say how well received it was by our office as well as by the prospective landlords. Not only have they presented Doug the Pug in the best way possible, they have outlined everything a landlord would want to know about an incoming pet.

Answer all the Questions

The owners of Doug the Pug were smart. They predicted and answered all the questions a landlord would want to know.

  • How old is Doug?
  • What breed is Doug?
  • How often is Doug alone during the day?
  • When he is alone, where does he reside?
  • Does he sleep inside or out?
  • Does he obey commands?
  • Is Doug toilet trained?
  • Does he shed?
  • Does he nuisance bark?
  • Any other additional notes from the owner.

Submit your Pet Resume with your Application

Submitting your Pet Resume with your rental application will improve your chances of securing your next rental property. The bottom line is, some landlords will not accept pets no matter how adorable they are. The other half will. So in summary, work on your chances of convincing the other half that your pooch or pet is the pick of the litter when it comes to pet tenants.